Open enrollment for Utah Military Academy is now underway! Use the links below for information about our school and to enroll.

Student Enrollment Information
Waiting List

Cadet Carpooling

Use our online carpooling system to arrange rides with fellow cadets to the Academy! You must be enrolled to access the carpool system.

Coordinate Carpool

Iron Will Race

Come join us May 17 at Camp Williams for the Iron Will Race! Events include Mountain Bike, Road Bike and Running. Cadets who enter these races will get a UMA t-shirt to wear and promote Utah Military Academy. 

Iron Will Race

About The Academy

Utah Military Academy prepares cadets as leaders to thrive in any competitive environment upon graduation. We focus on entrance into military academies, ROTC scholarship programs in colleges and universities, and other technically-challenging opportunities related to military culture. Our focus results in maximizing the potential of our students throughout life.

Vision, Mission & Philosophy
Core Commitments

Board Meeting Agenda - 27 June 2014