Becky Daniels

Online Science Instructor

Becky M. Daniels 

Becky Daniels graduated from Skyline High School in Idaho Falls in 1996.  She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology with a minor in Biology from the University of Idaho in 2000, graduating magna cum laude.  Following completion of her undergraduate degree, Mrs. Daniels was accepted into the Physical Therapy graduate program at the University of New Mexico while her husband was stationed at Kirtland AFB.  After a successful year in the program, Mrs. Daniels changed focus and started her family.  After five children, she began pursuing her career in education, teaching Biology and Life Science at Calvary Chapel Christian School in Idaho Falls.  After moving to Utah, Mrs. Daniels accepted a position teaching biological sciences at Utah Military Academy.   

Becky’s hobbies are centered on and shared with her family.  She enjoys sewing, quilting, cooking, canning, biological specimen collecting (primarily skulls and pelts), raising chickens, pheasants and chukars, tending to her goats, and gardening.  She enjoys road trips with her family and boating at Lake Powell.  Becky also has a Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike that her husband discourages her from riding.