UMA Blended Learning FAQs

What is UMA Blended Learning?

This year, cadets at the Utah Military Academy can opt to take some or all of their classes online. Through Blended Leaning, online cadets get the same instruction and resources as cadets that come to campus every day. all the courses are taught by our wonderful teachers. 

How will Cadets take online courses? 

Cadets will use Canvas to access their assignments, quizzes, and tests for the classes they are taking online. These Canvas courses are the same courses that the on-campus Cadets are logging into, so all cadets in that course regardless of location, receive the same instruction. Cadets will also receive google meet links to live stream into a teachers class from home. 

What if the Cadet doesn't have a computer at home? 

Cadets can borrow a Chromebook from Utah Military Academy for the school year. These Chromebooks must be returned at the end of each school year. No charges will be given as long as they are not lost, stolen, damaged. 

Does the Cadet need uniforms if they are working online? 

Yes, all UMA cadets must be issued uniforms, even if they are 100% online from home. If a cadet comes to campus for any reason at all, they must be dressed in accordance with the on-campus uniform policy.

If my cadet changes their mind, can they come back to campus full time? 

Yes, cadets can come back to campus later in the year. However they cannot switch their chosen platform until the beginning of the new semester.  

How does a BLENDED schedule differ from an ONLINE schedule? 

It depends on how often the cadet plans to be on campus. Cadets can choose to be 100% online, which means they are working from home 5 days a week. They can also opt for a blended schedule, which means they choose to come to campus on either Monday/Tuesday OR Wednesday/Thursday. All blended and online cadets will be expected to log in and work from home on Fridays.

Can a blended/online cadet participate in TEAM Times, Sports, extracurricular activities, etc? 

Absolutely! They are a UMA Cadet, which means they can participate in whatever UMA has to offer for extracurricular activities. They must still obey all uniform requirements, and other policies

How does My Cadet sign up for the Blended or Online Option? 

Once your cadet is fully registered in UMA they can sign up for a blended or online schedule, cadets and their parents need to fill out the commitment form (Linked Below) They can have it emailed to them upon request, or pick one up in the front office. Once they fill the form out, they need to email it to the Director of Blended Learning, Jade Christiansen: