Jared Pickett

Online Language Instructor

Mr Pickett was born and raised in Southern California. He has worked in a partnership for his own custom-corrugated box brokerage company as well as years of outside sales experience in various fields (including litigation, malpractice, public defense, etc.)prior to finding a more fulfilling career working with exceptional youth. He graduated with Honors from California State University Los Angeles as well as Pasadena City College. He enjoys learning useless tidbits of information that may be used to win Jeopardy someday. History, science, math, music, geology, traveling and the unmanned robotic exploration of the solar system are some interests that he has had. He loves his family of his wife, 3 children (ages 22, 11 and 7), father-in-law(Korean War Veteran) and the over sized Chihuahua, Teddy, and the goldfish Zippy