Kaitin Wells

ELL Instructor

Hello!  My name is Kaitin Wells and I teach high school ELL and junior high electives including mythology, sociology, and study skills.  I graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a major in political science and a concentration in global culture.  I grew up in Utah and I enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors with my fiance, D'Angelo Burton who is the facilities supervisor here at UMA, and our yellow lab puppy, Leo.  We also care for a couple dozen chickens, our favorite breeds are Silkies, Seramas, Frizzles, Americaunas, and New Jersey Giants.  I believe that students are generally less productive and mentally sharp if they are hungry, so I have a filing cabinet in my room that I keep stocked with snacks and candy for the students to grab whenever they need/want.  I do my best to create a positive and comfortable environment in my classroom so that students are in the best frame of mind to learn new information and try new things.  I'm looking forward to an awesome year at UMA!