Policies & Procedures

Absenteeism and Truancy Prevention Policy

Adoption of Instructional Materials

Alternative Language Services for Utah Students

Assessment Participation by Non-Enrolled Students

Athletes and Students with Head Injuries

Bullying, Hazing, Retaliation, and Abusive Conduct Policy

Cadet Data Policies

Cadet Travel Guide

Cadet Travel Policy

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy

College and Career Readiness Implementation Policy

Complete Policy Manual

Constitutional Freedoms Policy

Course Grade Forgiveness 

Day of Service Permission Slip

Discipline and Intervention Policy

     Discipline and Intervention Policy Addendum

Disposal of Textbooks and Other Assets in the Public Schools

Dissemination of Information about Juvenile Offender Policy

Driver Education Policy

Dropout Prevention and Credit Recovery Policy

Early College Program Policy

Emergency Preparedness Policy

Emergency Safety Interventions

Fiscal Policies

Gang Prevention and Intervention Policy

Grade Change Policy

   Grade Change Request Form

Grievance Policy

     Grievance Form 

Harrassment and Discrimination

LEA - Specific License Policy

Library Policy

Lunch Policy

Mental Health Screening Policy

Out of School Time Programs Policy

National Honor Society Bylaws

Parental Notification of Certain Incidents and Threats Policy

Payment of Athletic/Activity Fees Policy

Procurement Policy

Professional Standards and Training for Non-Licensed Employees and Volunteers Policy

Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Policy

Pupil Accounting Policy

Requirements for Assessments of Students of Student Achievement Policy

School Calendars, Student Membership and Transfer Policy

School Parent Student Compact - Title I

School Safety Policy

Searching Students for Controlled Substances and Weapons Policy

Secondary School General Core Policy

Selection and Purchase of Instructional Materials Policy

Service & Support Animal Policy

Special Education Policies & Procedures

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations Policy

Supervision of Students in School-Sponsored Activities Policy

Support for Students Learning English Policy

Time and Effort Policy

Utah Effective Teaching and Educational Leadership Standards Policy

Wellness Policy

Youth Protection Policy