Teacher LIcensing 

Teacher licensing in Utah ensures your child's teacher is highly qualified to be teaching your child. Utah State Board of Education allows teacher candidates to become licensed via two ways -- University-based program, or an alternate Pathway to Professional Licensure (APPEL). Candidates can also be licensed via a Local-Specific License that is voted on in an Open and Public Meeting and then approved by the Utah State Board of Education. Utah Military Academy recognizes all three ways for teacher candidates to be licensed to teach at Utah Military Academy. Once a teacher is licensed, they go from Associate License to a Professional License. Below are the percentages of UMA Teachers by each type of teaching license. 

Professional Licenses - 61%

Associate Licenses - 11%

LEA-Specific Licenses - 10%

Our JROTC instructors are all certified through AFJROTC, not through Utah's CACTUS Program - 6%

Unlicensed - 12%

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An LEA-Specific educator license, including areas of concentration and endorsements, is issued by the state board at the request of an LEA’s governing body (example: local school board) that is valid for an employee to fill a position in the LEA if other licensing routes for the applicant are untenable or unreasonable.


The Associate Educator License is for anyone who wants to teach in Utah but has not completed an educator preparation program but has met the content knowledge proficiency requirement or has a major in the subject area and is going through an educator preparation program. (University-based or alternate program).


A Professional Educator license is for teachers who have completed an educator preparation program.(University-based or alternate program).