Board Meetings

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates, Times and Places.  Meetings are tentatively scheduled and are subject to change. There may be additional meetings scheduled  throughout the school year. All meetings will be posted on the Utah Public Meeting Notice website. Meetings may be held electronically or at different locations  as specified by the Board of Directors.

Board Meetings will be scheduled by the Boar Chair in conjunction with the Superintendent and will be posted below per the agenda and the Utah public notice website.

Public Comment Period

An approximately 20-minute comment period is scheduled at the end of regularly scheduled Board meetings. Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of 3 minutes. Participants must sign their name to the list prior to the start of the meeting. When recognized by the Presiding Board Member the participant will proceed to address the Board.

Subject matter not allowed.

  • Comments concerning procurement of contracts, issues related to employment of individual personnel, criticism or defamation of District employees or Board members, or issues for which other avenues for appeal exist.
  • Comments regarding individual student education issues such as disciplinary action, special education programming, extracurricular eligibility and selection, etc.
  • Time may not be used by employees or their representatives to circumvent formal communication channels or established grievance or negotiation procedures.

Members of the Board and the superintendent may ask questions of any person who addresses the Board only upon approval of the Presiding Board Member. The Board is unable, by law, to deliberate or take action on items not on the agenda.

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

DateAgendaMinutesFinancial Report
August 1, 2023AgendaMinutes Financial Report
August 24, 2023AgendaMinutes Financial Report
October 24, 2023AgendaMinutesFinancial Report
December 13, 2023AgendaMintuesFinancial Report
February 13, 2024AgendaMinutesFinancial Report
February 29, 2024NANAFinancial Report
March 28, 2024AgendaMinutes
pending approval

April 11, 2024AgendaMinutes, pending approval

Audio recordings of the public portion of Board Meetings for the Utah Military Academy may be requested by emailing Whitney Horning at

** Monthly financial Reports can be accessed at the above links or on the Utah Public Notice Website**

Fraud Hotline

The State Auditor Hotline provides an avenue for citizens, including public employees and contractors, to report their concerns about potentially improper government activities.