Special Education

Carson Scholarship Information

We are required by Utah Code Section 53A-1a-704(10) to inform you, if you are a parent of a student with an IEP enrolled in a public school, of the availability of a scholarship to attend a private school through the Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship Program.

Further information is available at http://www.schools.utah.gov/sars/Scholarships.aspx.

Other Resources & Information

The Utah State Board of Education Special Education Rights of Parents and Children Procedural Safeguards states, "Each student’s records may be considered “no longer needed to provide educational services” and may be destroyed three years after the student graduates or three years after the student turns 22 under IDEA."  Your students records will be retained for three years post graduation.  At which time, the file will be permanently destroyed.  The adult student may retrieve their IEP file, in it's entirety, prior to the end of the three year period following graduation, by contacting the school office

Utah Parent Center

The mission of the Utah Parent Center (UPC) is to help parents help their children with disabilities to live included, productive lives as members of the community.  

230 W. 200 S. #1101
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
1 800-468-1160